The Roads that Cross the Great Divide


I'd Do It All Over Again



Music and CD's

STEFF's debut CD

"The Roads that Cross the Great Divide"

released in August 2012.



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1. The Roads that Cross the Great Divide (4:49)

Bass: Jim Moore


2. I'd Do It All Over Again

(The Career and Times of Olaf Kayser) (5:54)

Bass: Saburo Miyata

Snare: Mark Filler

Clarinet: Joel Tepp


3. Chinatown (7:09)

Violin: Alicia DeJoie


4: A Garden of Light (5:33)

Vocal: Camila Recchio


5. Party-Pooper Suzie (I'll Excuse Myself) (4:32)

Kids: neighborhood kids


6. The Water Is Wide (4:27)

Bass: Jim Graham

Vocal: Jillian Graham



Can you tell i love bass players?
All other instrumentation and vocals: 'moi'



Total minutes: 32:27

All songs written by Steff Kayser (copyright 2012 JSF Music ASCAP), except Chinatown, written by the amazing Ms. Sylvia Harris (copyright 1970's Sylvia Harris), and The Water Is Wide, a traditional (my own derangement, i mean arrangement).



Suggested song sequence:

If you rip the songs from the CD to your ipod, and decide to leave "Party-Pooper Suzie" out of the mix (i realize it's a novelty song that you probably won't want to hear over and over), may i suggest that you move "I'd Do It All Over Again" into that second-to-the-last slot. That's the sequence i would have used on the CD had i not included "PPSuzie". Let me know how that feels.



Copyright 2012 STEFF KAYSER