Seattle-based folk artist STEFF Kayser plays and sings with precision and passion. Long in demand as accompanist, bandmate and session player, 2012 sees STEFF release his debut solo CD “The Roads that Cross the Great Divide.” Chris Lunn (Victory Music/Ancient Victorys) writes: “...as starved as this writer is for Kayser’s singing and writing, I am a happy man !”


Now it is time to spread the word further and wider. We hope that you will take some time to listen and discover an artist whose music is captivating at first 'taste' and upon closer listening reveals an aural treat in the many layers of subtle artistry that permeate his compositions and performances.


Darkness and light….humor and gravity….discover the dichotomies that call him to find his center in the title song "The Roads that Cross the Great Divide," the sensitivity in the 90-year chronicle of his father's life in "I'd Do It All Over Again," the pure and naked vocals of the heart-wrenching "Chinatown" and the Aristophanic humor in “Party Pooper Suzie.” In roughly 33 minutes, Steff demonstrates his mastery of blending all aspects of a song into a singular focused expression. 


Listen with your ears and hear compelling rhythms, tuneful melodies and superb musicianship.

Listen with your mind and discover rich, intriguing lyrics and remarkably detailed arrangements.

Listen with your heart and STEFF’s music just might take you on a journey to the deeper corners of your soul.


STEFF earned 2nd place in the 2010 Tumbleweed Songwriting Contest & was a Finalist in 2012 with "The Roads that Cross the Great Divide," the title cut of his new CD. An insightful composer and brilliant interpreter of others’ material, Steff offers unique and diverse performances in a soulful soaring voice and musical talents that delight the most discerning of audiences.


Engaged in music since his early teens, Steff found inspiration in the works of James Taylor, CSN, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison among others. With the help of talents such as multi-instrumentalist Joel Tepp (Bonnie Raitt/Little Feat), Camila Recchio (Total Experience Gospel Choir) and Grammy award-winning engineer Garey Shelton (The Believers/Danny O'Keefe), Steff has produced an outstanding musical offering.


Listen and enjoy !



“Looks great ! Love the CD. It sounds fantastic and the writing, arrangements and instrumentation are fabulous ! Congrats my friend !”

- Larry Murante, Seattle, WA John Lennon Grand Prize Winner 2009



Copyright 2012 STEFF KAYSER